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Smaller Utility Bills, Decreased Carbon Footprint, and a Healthier Living Environment.
With the Same Level of Comfort and Convenience yet an Increased Peace of Mind.

The Pending Financial Crisis (no, it's not the sub-prime mortgages)

Energy Prices are on the rise - with gasoline hitting $4 at the pumps in the summer of 2008, prices for electricity and heating are sure to follow suit  soon.  Already prices for Natural Gas have increased for the past 10 years each year on average by 12.8%. Which means that if you are ready to retire in 15 years your $1,000 annual heating bill today will increase to $500 a month! or $6,000 a year!

Would you like to cut your $200 or $300 monthly utility bill for electricity, heating, and water by 50% or more?  Would you like to avoid paying $350,000 for utility bills (yes, that's four zeros!) over the next 30 years?

Do you think you still have 30 years left to live? Even after taking an average 3% inflation into account, your heating bill alone will rise to $1,250 over the next 30 years -- and that's the amount per month, in today's dollars! Kind of puts a whole new meaning on the concept of "saving for retirement"....

For your electrical bill, just look to the European markets - some customers over there are already paying 40 to 50 US cents per Kilowatt hour, whereas Americans still pay only 10 cents. How would you like your electrical bill to jump from $100 a month to $500 a month?

But solutions are already readily available - and no, we are not talking going to bed early and reading by candellight, taking a shower only once a week or double-layering your Norwegian sweaters.

As Christian Milaster successfully demonstrated in his Project Licht 'n Stein "Green Model Home" you can reduce your electrical bill by up to 90%, get your heating bill down to $100 a year, and cut your water usage in half - all without a sacrifice in comfort or convenience. 

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Your Solution: Licht 'n Stein Consulting - Our Services

Now, Christian Milaster makes his expertise and experience available to your unique situation:

Home Energy Audit

With a Licht 'n Stein Home Energy Audit Christian Milaster will give you a detailed assessment of your current energy and resource use (electrical, heating, and water) and will help you to understand where the majority of your dollars on your utility bill are wasted. The final 20-page audit report will include a detailed analysis of your current use of resources (electricity, heating, water), a prediction of the utilty cost increases over the next 30 years and specfiic recommendations to start lowering your utility bill without a sacrifice in comfort.

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Utility Bill Reduction - Action Plan

If you are ready to slash tens of thousands of dollars of your utility bill over the next decades, Christian Milaster will work with you to develop a custom action plan that is unique to your current energy pattern.

Additionally Christian, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 8,000 hours of project management experience, can turn your action plan into reality and manage the project for you, coordinating the acquisition, installation, and configuration of your utility bill lowering solutions.

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Green Remodeling and New Construction Project Management

If you're thinking about building a new house or remodeling your existing home, the technologies have never been better to help you save more money through lower utility bills - often more than the actual cost of the house.

Let Christian Milaster, a certified Project Management Professional, manage the green, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly aspects of your project by working with your architect, your builder, and the tradespeople to advocate on your behalf  for a more green, more sustainable, low-maintenance, low-utility bill house.

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Questions your Utility Bill Audit will help you answer

  • Will a geothermal system/heat pump work for me?
  • Can I get enough energy from the wind?
  • Can I get hot water from the sun?
  • Which appliances waste the most of my dollars?
  • How can I get a $0 electrical bill?
  • How big is my carbon footprint?
  • What will give me the biggest bang for the buck?


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